All Insights Your Sales and Marketing Teams Need, Delivered.

Sniper Intel automatically delivers insights from your marketing and sales tools (e.g. CRM), premium databases, and 200,000+ external sources like news sites, social media, review sites, regulatory portals, company websites, press release agencies, & job boards. Sniper Intel automates everything so your teams have all information they need without spending time to find it. 

The Right Information Finds You.

Sniper Intel save hours for your teams as it aggregates and distributes information, personalized to each person. Your teams get fewer internal emails, check apps and websites less often, and attend fewer meetings.


Sniper Intel captures insights by analyzing data from 200,000+ sources like news sites, social media, company websites, regulatory portals, review sites, … Each user gets what they need.


Using Zapier, Sniper Intel syncs insights from more than 2000+ apps. So check fewer apps & fewer emails. 

65% of sales insights are never used. Sniper Intel changes this.

Marketing Leadership

Faster company-wide response to competitors' tactics, Boost conversions, Fully align sales, marketing, and leadership teams.

Sales Leadership

Save 1+ hours/day/person to find information, Use insights to focus on the right opportunities and close more deals, Ramp Reps Faster

Customer-Facing Teams

Reduce internal emails, check fewer apps, fully align activities across multiple teams facing the same customers, Maximize their selling performance

Sniper Feed is Truly Personalized & Fully Automated.

Based on roles and scope of responsibilities, Sniper Intel offers a multi-layer distribution infrastructure to connect and distribute insights from all sources of information that your teams need. Then, as users consume information, our AI will learn to optimize the feed for each individual to only deliver what they need to know in the right order.

Introduction to Sniper Feed (Interactive image)

Make Informed Decisions Together

Sniper Intel offers collaboration features like multi-media sharing, commenting, private messaging, channels, videos, and more. Most business decisions require multiple people to review a piece of insight together to devise the best next actions.

Posts are created by AI agents, apps, and people.

Posts can be shared in the main feed or via channels. Channels have various privacy controls.

A post can be shared to specific people, to connections, connections of connections, and public.

The content can be text, #hashtags, mentions of other people, links, videos, and images.

Users interact with a content with clicking on it, using reactions, commenting, and sharing. Sniper Intel learns and optimize their feeds.

Sniper Intel offers more features including private messaging, Playbooks, desktop notifications, and more.  

We are a Vancouver-based startup on a mission to boost sales effectiveness in B2B space by revolutionizing the way information is found and used in customer-facing teams.


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